In 1995
founded Shenzhen Clever Electronic Co., Ltd in Shenzhen, China;

In 1996
 the surge protector was awarded the sole designed product of Xichang Satellite Emission Base, and as one of makers of GB2099.3-1997 standard, the editor of teaching material, and a domestic national standard of socket;

In 1997
CLEVER put forward the theory of “ new concept of security of electricity “. Clever products get CCEE certification;
Self-researched surge protector was awarded the national new product patent;

In 1998
Chinese Xichang Satellite Emission Base praised Clever because CLEVER products have ensured the safety emitting of the satellite. 

In 1999
CLEVE surge protector was chosen as the cooperated products of bank systems by China Industrial and Commercial Bank, the Communication bank of China and other banks;

In 2000
got the title of “ Good Quality Supplier ”, “ Outstanding Company of Standardization ” and “Customer Satisfied Company”.

In 2001
CLEVER won two fist prizes of national Standardization Progeny in 2001”;
first introduced the technology and concept of PDU for cabinet, and developed the first generation of PDU successfully.; CLEVER PDU was chosen by the information system of national E-government as the cooperated products.

In 2002
Succeeded in developing the first generation of PDU and in applying several invent patents of PDU.

In 2003
the second generation of the replaceable surge protection device USUEC A20-C2 was developed by CLEVER and widely used in the national and oversea market.
Clever products got CCC certification;
Clever got the ISO9001: 2000 certification;
the portable surge protection device USUEC A20-C2 was developed by CLEVER and was awarded the national invent patent.

In 2004 
CLEVER participated in CeBIT in the first time and succeeded, CLEVER PDU began to be sold in the European and American countries;
Established new product safely testing laboratory according to international standard.
In 2005,
Succeeded in self-researching the first generation of “Network Power Manager NPM2000”;
Succeeded in self-researching the world initiated “PDU Designer” software system;
Established long business relationships with many companies from different countries on CeBIT , GITAX and other exhibitions.
Clever chairman was made the director of “China standardization association”.
Set up RoHS laboratory, CLEVER products reached the environmental protection standard completely.

In 2006
succeeded in self-researching the second generation of technologically world advanced network power manager NPM;
Succeeded in self-researching the world initiated “Sequential Controlling Power Distribution Unit products;
Company chairman was made the vice-chairman of “Shenzhen standardization association”
Clever PDU products received good reputation on “CeBIT”, “GITEX” and “ITU” exhibition and established long business relationship with many companies from different countries.

In 2007
succeeded in self-researching the initiate CPDU computer monitoring power distribution and won good commends from customers;
the new generation PDU and NPM products have received good reputation during the “CeBIT”, “GITEX” and “ITU” exhibition and established the long business relationship with many companies from different countries;
the newly developed PDU products have been applied by many important projects of Beijing Olympic Games in 2008;
in order to increase the production of PDU products, enlarged the warehouse for 4,000 M3 and added 3 manufacturing lines.  

In 2008

Company chairman Mr. Zhang was invited by Shenzhen Government as one of the member of “Shenzhen Standardization Specialists Group”;
the third generation NPM products passed the Accreditation and CLEVER NPM technology has reached the advanced lever all over the world;
the invent patent of CLEVER PDU was formally authorized which indicated that any company, factory or individual imitating, producing, selling and propagandizing the products which was similar or the same with CLEVER PDU without CLEVER’s agreement and authorization were illegal for they had violated CLEVER’s intellectual property;
CLEVER PDU series products passed the UL and FCC certification;
established new EMC laboratory, high temperature laboratory and environment laboratory;
CLEVER was seen as software corporation and got Certificate of Software Corporation Cognizance.
CLEVER NPM software passed the accreditation and was awarded the Certificate of Software Products Registration.