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Please read the legal statement carefully. If you don’t agree with the related items on this website, you’d better stop using the provided services. Once you agree, it can be regarded that you have known and totally agree with all the items in the legal statement.

1. Website using
Unless with legal allowance or CLEVER’s agreement, any information on this website shouldn’t be edited, copied and imitated for business purpose not allowed by CLEVER. If CLEVER makes sure that the customer’s deed is illegal or it harms the legal benefit of this website and CLEVER, CLEVER has the right to refuse the provided services, freeze or delete the member account, and apply the related legal measures.

2. Copyright
Chinese and international copyright law protects any contents, words, pictures, Logos, information and software belonging to CLEVER and those providers. Anyone to copy (include collect, combine and recombine) the contents on the website may be excluded. The original information can be reshipped only with the Website’s allowance, and the original source must be recorded.
The explanation right of all the materials on the website belongs to CLEVER. CLEVER has the right to revise and renew that information. When you log on and use the website, you have agreed to accept the effective restriction.

3. Privacy right protection
CLEVER respects your privacy right and are pleasure to protect your personal information. Usually, you can visit our website and read the information without name. Only with the customer’s agreement, on the purpose of business, we collect your personal information in an equal and legal way. If you would like to fill in your name, address, phone number, email and other personal information, you are regarded have known the purpose and agreed CLEVER to use it for the purpose.

When logging in the website, customer should provide true, complete and the latest personal information and renew if at times. Any loss of the customer arising from the inaccurate, incomplete and timely renew of the information, CLEVER don’t take any responsibility. However, if the same reason causes loss of CLEVER, we have the right to claim compensation.  

We’ll take proper measures to protect customer’s personal information. We assure you not to sell your personal information at any time and in any position except in the following conditions:
1) the authority asks for the information according to related laws and regulations.
2) revealing of unpublicized information for customer’s false to protect that.
3) information revealed, lost, revised and thieved because of the fault of  website line, heck attack and computer virus.
4) in order to protect customer’s right or property.
5) in order to protect the website, CLEVER and our customer’s personal and public safety in urgent case.
6) other special or urgent case.
You have foreseen the situations and agreed with the happen of them when providing your information.

4. Disclaimer stetement
Any information on the website can only be used for your reference, but not for the purpose of business. We cannot assure the accuracy, effectiveness, timeliness and integrity of the information. Neither CLEVER nor its staff needs to take any responsibility for the mistake of transmitting the information to clients and other people. In the law admitted area, CLEVER don’t responsible for any loss of customers or other people when they use or not use the information. CLEVER keeps the right of selt-revising the information on the website without inform.

To the maximum extent permitted by law, CLEVER states not to make any expressed of indicated insurance, including but not only including the promise of information’s safety, accuracy, integrity, marketability, not-infringement, suitable for any purpose and no computer virus. You should bear the total responsibility and risk of using the website.

In case of the following situations, we don’t take the legal responsibility of the client’s direct or indirect loss:
1) Business interruption
2) Cannot log on the website or delay or intermit to log on the website.
3) data cannot be transmitted, wrongly transmitted, revised or vanished.
4) the probable computer virus, system not working or dysfunction when using the website.
5) the leak of the client’s personal materials arising from the six situations stipulated in the third item.
6) client’s loss from force majeure or any other reasons beyond CLEVER’S controlling capacity.

5. Applicable law and jurisdiction
The constitute, performance, explanation and dispute-solving of the legal statement should applicable to the law of People's Republic of China. When you visiting and using the information on the website, you have agreed to be constrained by the law of People's Republic of China and with the jurisdiction of the Court of People's Republic of China.