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PDU products introduction

PDU-Designed power distribution unit for cabinet
All CLEVER PDU series have been authorized national invention patents. Without CLEVER's agreement and authorization, any company, factory or individual to counterfeit, manufacture, sell or propagandize PDU products which have similar or same structure with CLEVER PDU will be illegal for it has aggrieved CLEVER's intellectual property.

All products have modularized structure that can be manufactured according to customer's technological requirements.
Strictly designed according to international standard and have been awarded invention patent.
Internationally leading technology, original and novel structure, safe and reliable quality, easy installation and wide use.
Mainly applicable to the 482.6mm (19″) standard and nonstandard cabinet.
CLEVER PDU’S series numbers are made up in terms of the corresponding module code.
Horizontal or vertical installation, the maximum length longer than 2M, and 42 way output units at most.
Input voltage is 110VAC, 220VAC and 380VAC, output voltage is 110VAC and 220VAC.
The maximum load current can reach 10-96A and above, the maximum power 2,500W-24,000W and above.
Have passed the authoritative international organization’s safety testing and certification, accord with the regulations of European Union RoHS directive.

AUE2220、AUE2230、AUE2240、AUE2250、AUE2260、AUE2270、AUE2271、AUE2280、AUE2290 series.

>  Modularized structure
Design and manufacturing of all the products are arranged in a modularized way.
>  Series specification
CLEVER PDU products divided into nine series, respectively, applicable to different application environments, can easily meet the technical needs of different customers.
>  Diversified socket system
The products is equipped with supply  socket  modules meeting different systems and standards in the world, which puts the product in a rather advantageous position to satisfy clients in each country or region.
>  Optional output unit
CLEVER PDU products can meet customers’ need to choose a different number of output units, up to 46 output socket modules can be installed.
>  Optional power input
Clever PDU power input contains left/right input, front/back input, single/double input, socket type input and multi-power input style, can be satisfy to the clients’ technology requirement easily.
>  Easily mounting 
CLEVER design the different mounting methods and can be easily, fastness, multi-side to install the PDU products by frontal and inverse installation.
>  Connecting port to connect
CLEVER design the special connecting box and provide the plug meeting the different systems and standards in the world, and it can satisfy the customers’ different requirement for the power input, cables connecting and power connecting port’s.
>  Diversified controlling function
Clever PDU contains multi-controlling function module, the master switch, master air circuit breaker, and power indicator and so on, these controlling function can control the master, individual and the special designated controlling.
>  Effective protecting function
Clever designed the high-performance surge protective module according to international standard, including the polarity indicator and earth indicator surge protector, replaceable surge protection component, and we can make up the effective surge protecting as the customers’ technology requirement.
>  Case color abundantization
Independently developed patent shell is adopted insulating electrophoresis aluminum  alloy, the  color  has  titanium white  & black. Customers can select  the  color of shell & functional module.
>  Use a terminal for internal connection
Thread ends are used for an internal connection of socket modules, plug connectors for functional modules.
>  Tailored hole space
The product can be tailored in terms of hole space to satisfy the customers’ requirement for the installation and connecting.
>  Reliable output characteristics
Sleeves or parts subordinate to a socket are made with phosphor bronze, the material famous for its elasticity; wear resistance, diamagnetism and corrosion resistance. The product is a result of precision work and integral impact and forming, which ensures a reliable contact and a single-pole pull-and-plug life at 5000 times above, a safe and reliable operation, no loosening, no strike, and reliable electric conductivity and connectivity.
>  Requirement customization
CLCVER design the PDU products as the customers’ special requirement, to produce the different length and super load PDU products.
>  Quality thermal endurance and fire resistance
All  functional  modules  are  adopted  PC/ABS  plastic materials, hot  change temperature  reach to above 120℃, fire-retardant characteristic accords with UL94-V0 standard.
>  Current display digitization
The system design has digital AC amperemeter module which can  be  installed  horizontally  or  vertically,  and  digital  AC amperemeter  module  with  overload  automatic  protecting , which can ocularly display the change  of  load current. Users can  select  according to requirement.
>  Creepage protecting automatization
Specially designed creepage protecting module is adopted special  high-sensitivity  integrated  circuit, which  has  the following feature: sensitive work, reliable  capability, strong anti-interference    ability,  good   shock-resistant   voltage performance.  When  users'  equipment  creepage, power can be cut off in stantly for protecting person & equipment.
>  Internationally prevailing system and standard
The product, a result of design and manufacturing process meeting applicable standards in the  world, finds  particular  applications in standard cabinets 482.6mm  (19")  in  terms  of its installation, application and other technical matters.