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NPM products introduction

Network Power Manager is the world-advanced new generation network power distribution and monitoring device developed and produced by CLEVER.
CLEVER NPM has advanced technology, excellent performance, and powerful functions, are safe and reliable. Through LAN or WAN, the governor can monitor, control and manage the power of many equipments in the cabinet of the data room located all over the world.

CLEVER NPM contains 8 series: NPM2000, 3000, 3100, 4000, 4100, 5000, 5100 and PCDS.
CLEVER NPM are widely applied to 19" standard and nonstandard server cabinet or network cabinet.
They can be horizontally or vertically installed.
NPM2000, 3000, 3100 series are applied to 482.6mm (19") cabinet, horizontally installed.
NPM4000, 4100, 5000, 5100 series are applied to 482.6mm (19"), vertically installed.
Based on the technical performance, CLEVER NPM has A, B, C and D four levels which can meet the requirement of different environment and customers.

Through internet, CLEVER NPM can remotely monitor, control and manage:
Working voltage;
Total load current;
Group load current;
Load current of each outlet;
Power on/off state of each outlet;
Sequential power on/off of the outlets;
Sequential power on/off of the grouped outlets;
Timing power on/off of the outlets;
System operating state;
Temperature/Humidity state;
Smog state;
Door open/closed;

CLEVER NPM also has the following special functions:
1. Current consumption measurement: automatically record the current consumption in unit time;
2. Keep the original state: make sure the original state of each outlet is kept when reset;
3. User-defined alarm:
    The limiting range of total load current;
    The limiting range of load current of each outlet;
    The limiting range of T/H;
4. System automatic alarm when:
    The total load current exceeds the limiting range;
    The load current of individual outlet exceeds the limiting range;
    T/H exceeds the limiting value;
    System goes wrong;
    Individual outlet goes wrong;
    Server halt;
    Door opening;
    Smog appears;
5. Daisy chain function:
    Support NPM daisy-chain and can connect 10 NPM at most by radial link method;
6. Log record:
    Record and save the operation information of NPM, provide the query and outlet of records;
7. User management:
    Set user's right;
8. Turn off in safe mode: can realize remotely turn off of the server;
Alarming methods of CLEVER NPM:
The indicator on NPM controlling panel flashes and the buzzer alarms;
The indicator on the Web interface flashes and the buzzer in PC alarms;
Automatically sent E-mail to system administrator;
SNMP sends alarm information;

Software system of CLEVER NPM:
1. Embedded controlling software system (NPM3100, NPM4100, NPM5100)
    Embedded controlling software system is multi-user operating system which support 
    software update, can access by:
    Web, through IE;
    SNMP, through standard network working station;
    Telnet, SSH, through command-line consol;
2. Windows desktop controlling software system (NPM2000, NPM3000, NPM4000, NPM5000)
    Windows desktop controlling software system is single user operating system which need
    install and access by RS232;

Multi-standard sockets, can meet the choice of customers from all over the world;
Widely applied to the power voltage as 110VAC, 220VAC, 380VAC;
The timing turn on/off and current consumption measurement are environment-friendly and energy-saving.