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ATS products introduction

ATS-Automatic Transfer Switch is the upgraded version based on the previous one. It combines the power management technology requirements in modem data center with development trend of power distribution technology, apply newest hot- swapping technology with complete independent intellectual property right, integrated the network communication, remote management, automatic transfer and power distribution technology into this well-designed automatic transfer switch which can be upgraded from local management level to remote management level.

The most recent ATS provide high reliable and redundant power to attached equipments. The ATS has two input power source,  if the primary source shut down, it will seamlessly switch to the secondary power source  automatically. The new ATS has 4 basic models available, if user want to realize remote management, it requires  just a SNMP card to upgrade the basic type to the remote management one.



ATS is widely used in network enclosure and server rack of data center in field of information technology, telecom, electric power, finance and insurance, aviation, transportation, hospital, education, E-government.



Completely independent intellectual property right

Apply MCU embedded technology

Seamlessly transfer between two power source

Hot-swapping and replacing SNMP module

Local and remote management

Available with both socket output connection and

 cable plug output connection

Practical functions, high performance and advanced technology

Safety and reliable, high performance-price ratio


Main functions

Seamlessly transfer between source A and source B

Input power monitoring of source A and B

Input and output voltage monitoring

Load current monitoring

Local and remote automatic alarm



Basic ATS : when primary source become unavailable, ATS seamlessly transfer to secondary source.

Intelligent ATS: inserting a SNMP card into the basic ATS,  user can monitor, control and manage the device remotely via network.