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PCDS products introduction

PCDS Introduction:
The new Power Controlling Distribution System is PCDS for short, which was
designed and developed by Clever company in 2001.
PCDS is formed by Power Generatrix Distribution System(PGDS), Power Controlling System Module(PCSM) and Power Distribution Unit Module(PDUM).

PCDS Characteristics:
1. PGDS general wiring, the max load can reach 3×32A.
2. PCDS has master air circuit breaker function,  can automatically alarm when
    overload, CPDU (Computer Monitor Power Distribute Unit) and NPM
    (Network Power Manager) function, etc.
3. PDUM has different standard sockets all over the world.
4. PCDS can change and add the PDUM in uninterrupted operation.     
5. PCDS can be matched with different PCSM and PDUM according to customers’
    different technical requirement.
6. Each PCDS can be configured 6 group PDUM at most according to customers’
    technical requirement.
7. Power input connecting terminal box is convenient for customers to mount and
    debug on job site.
8. PCDS is vertically mounted in cabinet and the mounting method is very easy,
    which can save space to the utmost extent.