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1. In case returning for maintenance, make sure to pack in cartons of good protection. Loss during the transportation is not included the maintenance;


2. Please make a summary of the problem and operation procedures;


3. Customers need to prepay the freight of sending the products to us and pay all the tariffs and taxes.; please leave your name, address and a phone number to contact you at any time.




Instruction of after-sales service procedure:


1. If product maintenance is needed, please contact the seller or CLEVER directly, and make the necessary procedures after confirmation.


2. If any consultation of the product use is needed, please dail our service number, our specialists will help you.




Special instructions:


1. Please keep the purchasing invoice, maintenance card in good state and show them when maintenance is needed.


2. Any cost of transportation and other related costs of the products sending to maintain is on customer’s account.


3. The general maintenance period is three workdays. For those greatly fault products have to be sent back to the factory, the maintenance period is half a month. For the free maintenance products, if customer is in urgent need, can apply for a temporary substitute, and return it after the maintenance.


4. CLEVER keep the right to explain and revise the articles.